Cyprus is famous for 4 things; its sun, its sheftalia, the production of the world famous KEO beer and the inadequacy of its politicians. The other thing Cyprus is famous for, is the amount of smokers it has. Yep, you got it, we will talk about the smoking ban.

In the past few days it was going on what was supposed to be a”public discussion” of the matter. The only thing missing from the discussion is the “public” and…it is not actually a discussion. It’s more of a monologue by the association of recreation establishments arguing against the ban.

I don’t blame them. Not because the ban should not be implemented, but because the actual enforcement should take place long after an information bombarding by the government. Information that should be directed to everyone affected. For example, the specific details of the law should be explained to the local businesses. At the same time, a series of anti-smoking campaigns should prepare, accompany and follow the ban.

What did our brilliant politicians did? Nothing. They though that our Ugandian (from Uganda, got it?) smoking policy could be Europeanised in a day. The last day of December, Cypriots will still be cancer-seeking smoking maniacs that have a general tendency to disobey the law. The next day, because of the LAW, Cypriots will become Europeans.