Let’s face it, 2018 was not a good year for Cyprus. We found ourselves living in a country where extreme poverty and homelessness became acceptable, a mere fact of life. Children sleeping rough, women forced to exchange sex for shelter, and malnourished fathers who skip meals to buy formula milk for their newborns. All real cases of incredibly resilient people whom we failed in 2018. People who are led down by the state and by us. Not only did we refuse help, we also remained neutral bystanders during the ideological assault against them, whilst accepting the normalization of extreme poverty and homelessness. Very few, exceptional people, managed to salvage our collective dignity by extending a helping hand to our fellow humans in need. These outstanding people are volunteers and staff attached to non-governmental organizations, religious institutions and other formal and informal associations. They are the ones who constantly go the extra mile, often to the detriment of themselves and their families, to provide shelter, clothing, social and psychological support, legal assistance, help to access basic rights such as healthcare and education, and oftentimes just being there to listen to people and treat them with respect. Considering the structural gaps in place, it is no surprise that NGOs and associations are stretched thin. They are in need of support, both in terms of helping hands and also of material and cash assistance. If there’s anything worth adding to your list of new year’s resolutions is providing regular support to these organizations.