Last night we watched Prometheus. I didn’t like the end because it was open to two conflicting interpretations. The first one was that there is an evolution of creation that leads back to God: humans are created by the alien people, which in turn are created by someone else, hinting towards the existence of an ultimate creator, God. The other one was that there is no creator, and the existence of God is just the thing that keeps the woman-survivor sane; in this interpretation, God is understood as a weakness of humans.

What I did like was the concept of the cycle, which reminded us (me?) of the cycle of life. The idea that the aliens created humans and then a human created a different creature which in turn absorbed the alien.

I won’t pretend that I actually understood the movie. A friend suggested that it was a prequel of the Aliens movies which I did not watch. If the movie is a box-office success a sequel will be a very likely outcome, since there are a lot of unanswered questions.

I really liked Noomi Rapace. Her performance was amazing.

Moreover, I was sympathetic to the persistence of the old man to find a way to extend his life. E. was rather sceptical, saying that the fear of death shows lack of wisdom. I don’t think that. I don’t get the concept of the ‘full life’. It’s very sad to accept that you lived a ‘full’ life and just wait for your heart to give up. I find the idea of not looking forward to anything special deeply disturbing. I think the old man was really courageous because he was fighting until the end in a non-idiotic way that hollywood movies have accustomed us. What is more admirable, is that he was fighting despite his physical degradation; others in his situation would just give up and not go to another universe to extend their life. I get the quality over quantity argument, but the one does not exclude the other.

I think that’s enough, after all, it’s just a movie.