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Greek elections, racism and Golden Dawn

I have a comment to make about the Greek elections, which I have trouble communicating within twitter’s 140 character limit.
It is about the entrance of the Nazist party, called Golden Dawn, into the Greek parliament. The elections brought to our notice something that we already knew; namely, that roughly one in every ten Greeks is a racist. Nothing new here. What is new, is that the racists managed to organise themselves into a political party. Is this necessarily bad? If we consider that Hitler came to power in a likewise manner through a small and irrelevant party it surely seems worrying.

The troll is dead, long live the troll

Flavia Dzodan from Tiger Beatdown has a very interesting post on internet trolls, amusingly titled “The Troll is dead! Foxnewsification and the notion that all points of view are valuable“. The argument is that the traditional troll as we know it, that gloomy person who uses hateful rhetoric, is now obsolete because his/her tactics have become mainstream, overpassing in a way the traditional persona. Racism, sexism, and hateful speech became common, and we (the moderators) but most importantly news agencies, do not do anything drastic about it. More often than not, we allow some rather hateful comments under the assumption that everyone is entitled to an opinion. This is not the case Flavia Dzodan argues and I agree with her because hate speech is another form of violence and...

George Iordanou Politics, Philosophy and (not much) Real Life

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