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Ακούει κανείς;

Ο Νίκος Αναστασιάδης εξελίσσεται σε μια από τις πλέον τραγικές φιγούρες της σύγχρονης ιστορίας του κυπριακού. Ο άνθρωπος που υποστήριξε το σχέδιο του 2004 αλλά δεν κατάφερε να πείσει τη βάση του κόμματος του να το υποστηρίξει, ο οποίος χρόνια μετά και όντας στο πηδάλιο του κράτους βρέθηκε πιο κοντά από ποτέ στη λύση του Κυπριακού αλλά επέλεξε να την τορπιλίσει, αρχικά αποχωρώντας μια ανάσα πριν τη συμφωνία στο εδαφικό και στη συνέχεια αρνούμενος να προχωρήσει σε επίπεδο πρωθυπουργών Ελλάδας-Τουρκίας παρόλο που είχε στο τραπέζι τον Γενικό Γραμματέα των Ηνωμένων Εθνών, εκπροσώπηση της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης σε ανώτατο επίπεδο και σαρανταμελή αντιπροσωπεία του Υπουργείου Εξωτερικών του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, καθώς και πρωτοφανή πρόοδο στο καυτό θέμα της ασφάλειας και των εγγυήσεων. Ο οποίος επέλεξε...

The two leaders’ meeting makes me feel… nothing

We hardly have anything in common with the president of the Republic of Cyprus. We come from different ideological, political and moral worlds, and our priorities and viewpoints in life are diametrically opposed. Nevertheless, and although I never voted for him, I have been a strong supporter of his efforts to reunify the island in the only realistic way that I think possible; namely through a federal state with territorial rights to its constituent parts. Make what you will with this but I don’t think there is any other way to solve the Cyprus problem besides a bizonal, bicommunal, federal state, which makes me increasingly suspicious towards those who reject it without offering any plausible alternative. When the negotiations collapsed I was so devastated that I needed a few days...

Setting red lines

​Setting red lines is really not a good idea. When one sets a red line, he proclaims that some options are off the table. He specifies how much he is willing to go in relation to a contested issue, effectively showing off all of his cards at once. Sometimes red lines are genuine, other times they are symbolic or a product of political maneuvering. Proclaiming something as non-negotiable is costly and should be done only with full awareness of the potential cost. Red lines are maybe useful when discussing the terms of the negotiations; that is, the conditions and the format of the negotiations, especially when there is room for getting once’s own prior to the actual diplomatic process. Otherwise, red lines render one vulnerable to the label of the aggressor; you become the person to...

Tsipras lost me before the #Greferendum, but it’s not completely his fault

Published in the Cyprus-Mail under the title “Why I can no longer support Tsipras,” July 12th, 2015 On Saturday, a day before the referendum, I argued that I will no longer be supporting Tsipras even though I was in favour of the NO vote. Having read the Greek government’s latest proposals to their creditors, as they were submitted on Thursday night, I stick to my view. I’m glad I don’t vote in #Greferendum. I wld likely vote NO. But I wldn’t be supporting Tsipras anymore. Here’s why: — George Iordanou (@iordanou) July 5, 2015 These are the five reasons I gave that explain why I no longer support Tsipras and his government. He called people to vote on a document that was no longer on the table. The consequences of either...

George Iordanou Politics, Philosophy and (not much) Real Life


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