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Οι εκλογές του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου

Οι εκλογές του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου δείχνουν ότι οι ψηφοφόροι δεν πρέπει να θεωρούνται κτήμα κανενός και ότι τα πολιτικά ρίσκα πρέπει να αντιμετωπίζονται ως τέτοια, καθώς στην πολιτική δεν υπάρχουν βεβαιότητες. Οι συντηρητικοί έχουν κερδίζει τις εκλογές, αλλά η νίκη τους είναι πύρρειος καθώς δεν συγκέντρωσαν τον μαγικό αριθμό των 326 εδρών που θα τους έδινε την επιδιωκόμενη αυτοδυναμία. Αυτό είναι που οι Βρετανοί ονομάζουν hung parliament. Hung parliament έχουμε όταν κανένα κόμμα δεν είναι σε θέση να πληρώσει τις μισές συν μια θέσεις στο κοινοβούλιο εξασφαλίζοντας πλειοψηφία χωρίς να χρειάζεται να συμμαχήσει με κάποιο άλλο κόμμα. Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο στη σειρά πολιτικό ρίσκο που παίρνουν οι συντηρητικοί με γνώμονα, πάντα, το κομματικό τους συμφέρον. Αρχικά ο David Cameron, προσπαθώντας να...

Scotland’s big day, morning thoughts on devolution and inequality

Today is the big day. The Scots are voting for or against their independence from the United Kingdom. Some thoughts before I start my day. The polls show the two sides starting the day head-to-head, with a slight advantage given to the Better Together campaign. Whatever the outcome of the referendum, it is safe to say that the tendency towards decentralisation will continue, and more powers will be devolved to Scotland. Quite a lot of focus has been placed on the devolution of powers, mostly to reassure those that have been flirting with a YES vote. The message is clear: this is not the end of the road, more powers will be coming to Scotland anyway, there is no need to break-up the union for this. The Tory angle was also interesting. Don’t vote YES just to get rid of the effing...

Not very British #BritishValues: how Cameron silences minorities

In his article on Mail on Sunday, the British Prime Minister explains that values such as freedom, tolerance, social responsibility and the rule of law are virtues distinctively British that should be taught in schools. Cameron is factually, conceptually, historically and empirically wrong. These values he describes — tolerance, freedom, social responsibility, the rule of law — are desirable and worth upholding, but they are not ‘British’. They are global values that feature at the core documents of the biggest intergovernmental organisations like the Charter of the United Nations and the Lisbon Treaty. At best, they could be described as ‘Western Values’; an equally misguided conclusion since it assumes that non-Western countries endorse slavery, which is the opposite of freedom. Cameron...

Mr Cameron: when you bully the EU you threaten one of the most productive groups in the British economy

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, does not want Jean-Claude Juncker, the EPP Candidate, to become the next president of the European commission. I’m the last person to support an EPP candidate, but I’m also pissed off at David Cameron for threatening me all the time. My partner and I are European citizens, studying and working in the UK, paying taxes and national security contributions, who feel threatened every time Cameron tries to bully the EU. The two of us are a classic example of educated, specialised and mobile young people; far from being a burden to the economy, we actually add value to the workforce of the United Kingdom. Why does the British government make us feel unsafe? On the national front, Cameron and the Tories lost the European election. They came third after...

How Ebola turned into an epidemic. Smaller states, public health and pharmaceuticals

There is an outbreak of Ebola virus in Guinea. Ebola is found in isolated communities and it is so lethal that it kills 90% of those infected by it. Ebola virus was firstly identified in 1976, in the small village of Yambuku in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For nearly forty years since then the international community has failed to dedicate considerable resources towards finding a cure, permitting the spread of the virus to the level of an “unprecedented epidemic“. This is what happens when public health is left to the hands of private pharmaceuticals.

Beware of the UK agreement with Cyprus, the price for the EU is too high

Today the President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, met with the William Hague, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and tonight he will meet with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. A quid pro quo took place. Cameron’s government agreed (amongst others) to allow the cultivation and development of land in the British Sovereign Bases and Anastasiades, in return, agreed to support the British government in its European Union reform agenda of returning power back to national governments.

The Iron Lady

A few days ago I had the chance to watch the movie The Iron Lady which shows the story of Lady Margaret Tatcher, the former Tory Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and one of the most controversial politicians of the previous century. The lead actress who was playing Thatcher, Meryl Streep, absolutely deserves the best actress Oscar as she was brilliant.

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