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Happiness and Cypriot Politics

I’m struggling to keep up with the day-to-day lunacy that is Cypriot politics. The other day I was sitting at a café downtown, reading a satirical column published in one of the daily newspapers, whilst the author of the column was sitting a few tables away talking to a friend and laughing. My immediate thought was “how can this person be happy, if his job, day in and day out, is to read and comment on things that Cypriot politicians said, done, or failed to act upon”. On the other hand, the rest of us who are not journalists and yet acknowledge our nature as political animals, read, listen and comment on what these people have to say free of charge.

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George Iordanou

I'm mostly interested in politics and philosophy, which makes up for the majority of this blog. As this is an archive of what I have written over the years, it also provides a glimpse into my personal life. I'm currently working in the humanitarian sector. In my past life I was in academia where I completed a Ph.D. in political theory with focus on multicultural citizenship. I'm one of the few people lucky enough to be given the opportunity to actually practice their research interests. Needless to say, whatever I write here is strictly my personal opinion and does not represent anyone else.

You can also find me on twitter @iordanou.

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George Iordanou Politics, Philosophy and (not much) Real Life


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