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January 2012

The Iron Lady

A few days ago I had the chance to watch the movie The Iron Lady which shows the story of Lady Margaret Tatcher, the former Tory Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and one of the most controversial politicians of the previous century. The lead actress who was playing Thatcher, Meryl Streep, absolutely deserves the best actress Oscar as she was brilliant.

Everything (?) you need to know about the PhD application process in the UK

The last year has been very productive. I managed to complete my MSc in Political Theory from the LSE and survive the nightmare that is the PhD and funding applications. Fortunately, in the end everything went well and I am now in the fourth month of my PhD. Someone has to say a few words about the application process and it might as well be me. The first thing to say is that failure is part of the game and you should not (always) blame yourself for it. One can fail at two levels. The first is failure to get accepted into a PhD program and the second is failure to get funding for the program. For some reason, once you receive an offer of acceptance for a doctoral program you have on average of one month to accept or reject the acceptance offer, even though the outcome of the funding...

George Iordanou Politics, Philosophy and (not much) Real Life

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