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Δε θα μας σώσει ανατολή γιά δύση
μήδ’ Έλληνες ή βάρβαροι θεοί
μπροστά καινούργιος κόσμος θα βαδίσει,
άμα ξυπνήσουν κάποτε οι λαοί.

— Κώστας Βάρναλης, Άτταλος ο Τρίτος, Δ´, ιγ´. Κέδρος, 1972. 139.

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George Iordanou

I'm mostly interested in politics and philosophy, which makes up for the majority of this blog. As this is an archive of what I have written over the years, it also provides a glimpse into my personal life. I'm currently working in the humanitarian sector. In my past life I was in academia where I completed a Ph.D. in political theory with focus on multicultural citizenship. I'm one of the few people lucky enough to be given the opportunity to actually practice their research interests. Needless to say, whatever I write here is strictly my personal opinion and does not represent anyone else.

You can also find me on twitter @iordanou.

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George Iordanou Politics, Philosophy and (not much) Real Life


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